Stick Combat

Notes: Jan. 23 – 2021
Zoom online lesson with Vladimir Vasiliev
Notes from the zoom chat by Russian Martial



Rotate the stick using your fingers, make sure to keep breathing and connect it to your movement

Swing the stick back and forth, keeping your wrist relaxed

Switch between hands

If you practice on your own, it is good to do each exercise about 50 times to develop the wrist and fingers

Swing the stick using your whole arm

Inhale and exhale smoothly with the movements

The body moves with the stick rotation as one unit

The movement of the stick is initiated with the leg, the thigh or the knee kicks it up

Use the momentum of the stick

Bend and straighten your body around the movement of the stick

The body pushes the stick lightly while the wrist controls the movement

Catch the stick in the bend of the elbow but do not break momentum to push it back off

Slide the stick along the body in different directions, try not to break contact

Go down on the ground and back up while constantly moving the stick

Make sure that your breathing and movements are not interrupted

Place the stick on the ground next to you. Pick up the stick, try to pick it up as a whole

The stick should feel weightless in your hand

Proper grip is very important because it relaxes your psyche

How to make stick movements subtle:

Hold the stick and find the position of comfort

Step by step, start to walk and move the stick from one hand to the other without disrupting yourself and others in the movement

Hold the stick vertically and use this position to relax your body

Hold the stick with an outstretched arm and then make even that position one of comfort

Try to take the power of the stick into your body

Hold the stick so that only the tip is outstretched from your hand and write number 1 in the air. Gradually move your grip more towards the end of the stick as your progress to write numbers 1-10

The longer the writing end of the stick is, the more you include the shoulder into the movement

Get into push up position with the stick underneath your palms. Do not touch the floor with your fingers and do push ups

Move the stick just using your wrist

Hold the stick with both hands and rotate it forward and back with your wrists

Turn yourself around the stick, escaping and falling where necessary to dispel the tension

Let the stick initiate the movements

Lift the stick in the air and let go, but try to catch it in the same plane

Roll the stick against your leg muscles to warm them up

You may go down on the knee and use that movement

Use the stick to move objects on the floor

Put the stick behind your neck and under the elbows, go up and down without compromising this position

Keep your breathing smooth and interrupted

If you have a partner, have them enter do push ups while you push against various parts of the body with the stick

If your partner is approaching with a weapon, push against them with a stick in the shoulder or wherever muscles are engaged to stop their movement

Exercise to develop tension-free punches: extend the stick, lean on it, and walk up to it. Feel the floor through the stick and then move forward without tension in your arm or body

If you create an image of the weapon in your mind, even if you are empty handed, it may seem that you are armed

If, when you are extending the stick and leaning, you develop tension in your legs, that means the tension will also be present in strikes

How to avoid freezing when the threat is in front of you? Do not get stuck looking at the weapon or the attacker, but try to see the whole picture

Hold the stick in your hand and walk, staying relaxed and breathing smoothly

Rotate the stick with your fingers

If you are hitting with a whip, keep your grip light until the weapon is almost coming out of your hand, and at that moment you tighten your grip


Notes edited by Arend Dubbelboer
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