• BM Training

    Develop your liveliness in motion to become more resilient. It is literally the whole picture, your whole body, in space (environment) with others. Get to know yourself by means of movements not with devices and weights but with your own body, the ground, stick (s), ball (s), banks, etc.

    BM Training stands for Breathing & Movement. These exercises make your body supple, strong and give relaxation to your body and mind. We are not only talking about training the muscles but about training your whole body and keep it so that body and mind come to rest and are full of energy (English word for disease “Disease” freely translated “no rest” ).

  • The training

    In the BM class we work with our own body weight, the ground, possibly objects such as a closet, stick, bench, ball, etc. We practice various movements such as various forms of walking, jumping, crawling, sitting, standing, lying down, rolling, etc. The possibilities are unlimited and also the challenges that the exercises give us. The movements can be static, dynamic or in a flow. In this way we work on our endurance, flexibility, mobility, strength, but even more importantly it provides certainty, you will feel better in your own skin.

    Of course no training is exactly the same. If you really want to know how a lesson is, it is best to come and join a lesson.

  • Body and Soul

    There is a direct relationship between movement and our mind and emotions. Walking, crawling, jumping and rolling are complex movements because all body parts, our limbs, trunk, head, etc. move simultaneously. In this way, much information is passed on and received, all of which work together in an infinite complexity. Some scientists say our brain is made for this,

    We have a brain for one reason and only one reason, that is to produce adaptable and complex movements. “Daniel Wolpert MD, neuroscientist.

  • Origin

    The exercises come mainly from years of experience in martial arts and a love of movement. Some exercises will also occur in dance, fitness, gym, yoga, etc. In general, every person is equal, we have arms, legs, back, etc. So movements will match.

    These exercises mainly come from the martial arts Systema and Aikido. These are martial arts that place great value on breath, relaxation and the power of relaxation.

  • Instructor

    Arend Dubbelboer is the head instructor who gives most of the lessons. If Arend is not able to take care of the lessons, one of the other instructors will take over.

    A good teacher is a doctor who heals ignorance and an artist who inspires creativity…

    Arend Dubbelboer

    Arend Dubbelboer has been training martial arts since 1980 and in his martial arts career has practiced many different martial arts. In 1990 Arend started with Aikido at Aalt Aalten, who put Arend on the path of martial arts in daily life. In 1996 Arend founded the company Aiki Management and started teaching martial arts to individuals and the business community. In 2004 Arend came into contact with the Systema and practiced Systema with Mikhail Ryabko and Vladimir Vasiliev.  Arend is a passionate practitioner and teacher.

  • Age

    The minimum age to participate in BM lessons is 16 years. There is no maximum age.

  • Fitness

    Everyone can participate in the BM class in terms of fitness level. To develop fitness, flexibility, mobility and strength in the training sessions and when you do the exercises at home.

    It is possible that you have a serious injury or illness and then it depends on whether you get approval from your doctor to train. If you can train, please tell the instructor anyway so that he can take this into account.

    Everyone can train at their own level. It is not a competition with others but it is about your development.

  • Contribution BM Training

    The contribution for BM Training is € 23, – per month.

    The monthly contribution is via a direct debit (you will receive the authorization form for direct debit from the registration form). At the beginning of each month, the contribution is deducted by Aiki Management.

  • Introduction lesson

    You can take 1 trial lesson and there are no costs involved. There are, however, some conditions to be able to participate in a trial lesson. You must be physically and mentally healthy or have permission from a doctor to train if you have a certain illness or injury.

    So if you are interested you can send us an email and we invite you as soon as possible to participate.

    Join a Introduction Lesseon >>>

  • How do I become a Member

    Before you join you will first have to take a trial lesson. This is both for you and for us, because we want you to know what it is all about. This trial lesson is also for the instructor to see if you fit in a group. After this trial lesson you can ask the instructor if you can become a member to participate weekly. If you agree, you will receive a registration form. On this registration form we ask for your contact information, but there is also a disclaimer and an automatic collection form.