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Body and Spirit are connected to each other. I think everyone knows this at a certain level but not everyone knows how deep this goes. Very simply put, we have thoughts of danger (for example a lion wants us to eat), then the signals are sent into the body and release various substances (including adrenaline and norepinephrine), so we are ready to act on the danger. These substances are also created in, for example, a notice of dismissal. The body also sees this as a danger and reacts as if we have to run for a lion. Regardless of whether there is real danger, or whether we
think it’s dangerous, our body reacts the same. This happens not only in case of danger but also in love, hunger, sadness, etc. In love, the body makes various substances including phenylethylamine, noradrenaline, adrenaline, endorphins, dopamine and oxytocin (hormones and neurotransmitters). This cocktail of substances gives various feelings and this determines your actions and actions. These feelings sometimes take over from common sense. How I think, what kind of
thoughts occur to me, consciously or unconsciously, the body literally changes the chemical composition. That change in our body makes me do differently and feel differently.
There is continuous communication between body and mind (and vice versa). Body and spirit influence each other continuously. It seems like an infinite cycle that keeps reinforcing each other. Just for the sake of clarity. What is meant by spirit and what with body. When I talk about spirit here we are talking about your thoughts, images, words, etc. When we talk about body we talk about what the senses perceive, the emotions we feel and the actions we do. All these things my body does (receives and gives) gives other thoughts, images, etc. What the mind receives comes back into the body through the substances (including hormones and neurotransmitters) and these give signals to the muscles, tendons organs etc. This all determines what you do and how you are.
Men are disturbed not by things,
but by the views which they take of things.
It is not about what we feel and see, of course it matters, but it is more about how we look at it. This is the part that we can change. For example, we can’t change the weather (storm or rain). What we can change is how we look at it. We are not just talking about positive thinking here. This is only a small particle. We are literally speaking about it in your mind in a way that the mind guides the body and changes chemically and physically to experience and deal with the event (storm and rain) differently. A question that then arises is if we still seeing things how they really are? What is
reality? For example, if you are cold and wet, your world will look different than when you sit comfortably warm and cozy in front of the fireplace. Are we in love, or are we feeling well, then the world will look very different than when we are furious. We always see the world from how we are. Being is determined by who you are and who you are is determined by what your body and mind do. So not only your body but even how you look at the world is changing because you are changing. Instead of letting the circumstances determine how you think and feel, you choose how you deal with the circumstances. We no longer see the world and circumstances as a place of obstacles that have to be overcome, but as a field of possibilities. Instead of fighting and fleeing, we choose for creating, Living. This is where the connection
between body and mind does its job. The cooperation of body and mind is a great cycle. The mind supports the body and the body supports the mind. The interaction and communication of body and mind reinforce each other and thus take shape in you and in your environment. This design of your body and mind then gets a momentum, because the mind and body reinforce each other. This makes it seem like everything goes naturally, happiness is smiling to you (and a lot of terms). This is also called a positive spiral. If you do not decide how you see the world, then it is determined for you (old habits, advertisements, others, situations, etc.). You no longer choose but you have the choice (your worldview, behavior and action) laid out in something that is outside of you. This makes us a plaything of the wind (environment and situations).

Aalt Aalten
If you do not want to become a plaything of your environment
you have to find the power within yourself
Our body and mind connection is not something we have to make, it is something that always works. Only, if it does not do what we want, then we think this connection is not there. What happens, happen because body and mind turn it off. Why does not it happen what you want? According to various scientific studies and specialists in the field, about 95% of our lives are controlled by the subconscious mind. What you need to know is that a part of this subconscious mind takes care of the functioning of your internal organs, the focusing of the eyes, your metabolism, etc. In this unconscious part of about 95% there are also actions that we do every day automatically. This could be, for example, how you put on or switch your coat in a car. These habits ensure ease and effectiveness of our internal and external actions and activities. The unconscious part is driven by a stimulus and this can be from outside (from your environment and situations) but can also come from your own wishes. For example by
thinking that you want to type something, you automatically activate your fingers (wish). You do not have to think about which key to type in. An example of an outside stimulus may be that we are frightened of a loud bang and stop right away, stick stiffly, hold our breath, etc. The beauty is that our consciousness can drive the subconscious mind and can consciously make something happen automatically. The kink in the cable only arises if the steps of these automatic actions give an undesirable result or that there is a stimulus that we do not know. If we do not know something then we usually respond to a default automatic action (one that we often do). We can change automatic response by consciously choosing (knowing what we want), we can change the steps of the
automatic action. It is important to first know what you want to change and herein sits that you know and see what you are doing now. A pitfall is that we often only see the end result. The end result is created by what you do, the steps you make. Seeing and wanting to see the end result is not enough if the unconscious continues to do the same steps (in body and mind). By consciously changing the steps, we change the outcome. In the beginning this will not be automatic and the old autorespond works alongside your new conscious steps, actions. By consistently, continuously choosing the new steps, and deliberately no longer using the old response, these new steps become automatic over time. Every change always takes a bit of effort and gives you pains. Everything that is new or different does not feel good (unnatural). There are all kinds of mechanisms and reasons and feelings or whatever to change the old patterns. If it is important to you, you will find a way, the power. If that is not the case, you will find an excuse. Success arises if your wish (s) are greater than your apologies.
N. Vincent Peale
Change your thoughts
you change your world
To really change, you not only change your habit. Change means that you change your thinking, you change your brain (other connections are made and others are broken down), you change your body (including the composition of hormones, neurotransmitters, etc.) You change how you work, your behavior, how you are , etc. Because of this we see the world differently and we live in a different world. Changing from just the action is a temporary change. Changing who you are Spirit and Body is changing your whole world.
Body Mind Connection

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  • Arend
    November 29, 2018 at 12:21 pm

    Mooi ik vergeet soms wel eens wat het hele verhaal was en hoe jij het uitlegt maar nou kan ik er op terug kijken lol. En ja ik zie er al veel dingen die ik goed. me zelf moet blijven zeggen om te veranderen. Tijd dat ik een new iemand word en meer leer . Echt mooi arend . Mvg anil


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